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5T.D Corn Flour Mill

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This automatic corn flour plant can produce 300-500kg.h corn/maize. 
The corn flour finess can be adjusted from 40-120 mesh. 

5T.D Corn Flour Mill

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Maize flour milling machine is a machine used to grind maize grains to maize flour which is in powder form. The machine is ideal for both home use and for a profitable business.

What factors determine maize flour milling machine prices?
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Main Technical Parameters
(1) Output( per hour): 6F-2235:300-350 Kg/h,6F-2240: 400-450 Kg/h, 6F-2250: 500-550 Kg/h
(2) Flour quality in line with national GB1355-86 standards.
(3) Equipped with a total power  
(4)Weight and Dimension
6F-2235:800kg   2400×1000×3500mm
6F-2240:1000kg  2450×1000×3500mm
6F-2250:1500kg  2500×1000×3500mm

corn flour/maize flour

If who want to run a maize flour mill plant , welcome to send e-mail to us for detailed information! We will provide some advice and technical problems about how to open maize or wheat flour milling plant for customers. We are looking forward to hearing from you

300-500kg.h Corn Flour Mill  Machine Working Video