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Wheat Washing Machine Price for India Market

Zhengzhou Double-lion Grain and Oil Machinery has been in grains machinery manufacturer since 1956. Our product range includes grain washing and drying equipment, grains destoning equipment, grains grading equipment, grains milling equipment and automatic packing machines.

wheat washing machine

Structure of Wheat Washing Machine

1.With steel wheat washing trough.
2.Cast iron construction.
3.With steel screen, covered with steel casing.

wheat washing machine trough

wheat washing machine structure

Working Principle of Wheat Washing Machine

1. Seeds were feed into hopper auger. Due to the rotation of the auger, the wheat to be washed and suspended in water, then sent to the dryer box.
2. Stones and other impurities drop into the auger for their bigger gravity. By the opposite rotation of the auger, the sand fall in sand bucket under the water tank.

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