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How To Get Profitable From Small Flour Business In India Market?

A flour mill is an easy business to start. Additionally, you can start this business in the both city and rural areas. Furthermore, a flour mill offers a wide range of manufacturing opportunity for the entrepreneurs. The roller flour mill is a process industry to mill the grains and provide the endosperm as various fractions viz: maida, sooji, and atta. The skin or bran is separated from the endosperm and sold as cattle feed.
These all products have sufficient domestic demand. Additionally, there are export potentials also. Generally, atta, maida, suji and cornflours are the basic ingredients for the wide range of processed foods. Additionally, these are the items for domestic daily use. Furthermore, the bakery industry of India hugely depends on these ingredients as raw materials. So the flour mill project is a financially profitable business in India.

How To Choose Small Flour Mill Plant And Get Profitable In India Market

The Two Different Ways of Start Flour Business
Basically, you can start the business by two ways. And the two different business models demand different infrastructure and investment. One is you secure a small retail space. Install an atta chakki there. And allow people to come with grains. And you will be getting charges for grinding those grain. This is a comparatively easy model and demands small capital investment. Also, this is a very traditional model of flour milling business. However, this model is not acceptable for a long sustained business.
Another option is you setup an integrated flour mill. And offer the packaged products to your consumers. However, this business demands a moderate capital investment initially. Also, you need to have strategic planning for marketing and distribution.
So crafting a flour mill business plan or project report is absolutely necessary for initiating the business. Additionally, you must craft the business plan according to the products you want to produce and your investment capacity. 

How To Choose Small Flour Mill Plant
To start a flour business, the flour mill plant is also very important for you. The quality, install and service you should consider.
Zhengzhou Double-lion Grain & Oil Milling Machinery Co.,ltd. is dedicated in flour mills andflour milling lines design & manufacturing. Cooperating with Henan University of Technology it has carried out the new technological research and application of oil machinery, flour milling machinery, coarse cereals machinery and feed machinery, etc., and transformed the latest scientific achievements into productive forces to obtain good social and economic benefit. Many foreign friends have established long-term cooperative relationship with us.

6F series horizontal double-screen milling machine
How To Choose Small Flour Mill Plant And Get Profitable In India Market
6F series horizontal double-screen milling machine can be applied to wheat processing for individuals and can also be used in food factory to process other grains, such as corn, sorghum, and soybeans, etc. The equipment adopts principle of air-lifting, roller grinding, and sieving cooperation, featured with high-efficiency, stable performance, no dust spilling over, low energy-consumption and convenient maintenance. It’s capacity is 350-550kg/h, its your best choice for you to start a small flour mill business.
10T/24H Small Flour Milling Plant
How To Choose Small Flour Mill Plant And Get Profitable In India Market

Another small flour milling plant is also suit you to start a small flour business. Its capacity is 10t/24h and mainly used in small size of coarse grain flour processing plants. It has the features of complete function, low noise, no dust, high degree of automation, convenient installation and low production cost. It grinds wheat into flour by the grinding roll of the grinder. Then the flour is winnowed and screened by the circular screen. At last, we package the flour and the bran separately.

What Is Profitable You Can Get From Small Flour Mill Business
1. Wheat Flour (Atta): Atta is one of the most essential item for the domestic kitchen.
2. Wheat Flour (Maida): Maida has comparatively more demand than atta.
3. Gram Flour: The most common name of the gram flour is besan. And the product has a great demand in our country.
4. Sooji: Sooji is an another very popular grocery item in our country. You can produce sooji from the same manufacturing unit.
5. Bran: The bran is actually the skin of the grains. Also bran is used as a dietery fiber.
6. Cornflour: Cornflour is an essential item in the food processing industry. Corn milling or maize milling is a highly profitable business. However, you must establish the mill in the location where you can source the corn easily.
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