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India Atta/ Maida and Rava Plant

Wheat is the second most important cereal in India after rice. Wheat provides more than 50% of the calories to the people who mainly depend on it. India has witnessed a significant increase in
the wheat production over the years.

Wheat flour is a powder obtained from the grinding of wheat used for human consumption.
The Indian packaged wheat flour market consist of plenty of brands each one is trying to distinguish themselves with origin of wheat, manufacturing process, quality, taste, textures and price to attract customers. Besides leading brands, there are more than 500 regional brands in India.

Workshop Design and Flowchart of 40T Flour Mill Plant

40T flour mill plant flowchart

flour mill plant design

flour mill plant workshop

The popular flour in India is Atta, Maida and Rava/Sooji/ semolina. Our flour mill plants are specially designed for meeting India market demand.

In latest October, our factory just finished a new project in India with capacity of 40 Ton per Day Flour Mill Plants from grains cleaning to flour packing.

The following is the finished projects picture of 40T flour mill plant in India

India atta plant

We arranged two engineers for the machines installation and commission. The customer is very satisfied with the whole plant and we become very good friends now. 
For india plant, 10T flour mill plant, 20T flour mill plant is very popular, also 6F series automatic flour mill  machine  is good choice for beginners.

If you also want to set up fllour mill plants in India please contact me, our channel partner in India can guide you visit production sites and handle everything well.