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Flour Mills (Atta Chakki) in India

There are many household in a country like India that prefer to get their wheat ground in a flour mill (Atta Chakki) so as to obtain the desired kind of flour they want to use in their household. But, many find it difficult to take the wheat and get it ground at the mill away from their house. To get them a comfortable option, we are introducing the best flour mills to use in their household by choosing one from listing of top rated atta chakki flour mills.

Zhengzhou Double-lion 6F series Automatic Domestic Flour Mill is known to be the best as well as affordable flour mill made for the household usage.

About Zhengzhou Double-lion Roller Mills
We are a leading manufacturer of flour mill accessories.and processing machinery based in China but have Channel Partner in India. The company began operations in the year 1956 and now is under the leadership and vision of Mr Ma a person with an immense experience of over 20 years in the food processing industry & Wheat Roller Flour Mills. We have designed machinery installed in more than 15 leading cereal processing companies. We have also designed and commissioned flour mill plants totaling to a capacity of over 35000 tons per month to date with 12000 tons/month erected in the last year alone.

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Our Key Expertise Lies in
Custom design and manufacturing of wide range of Wheat Mill Machines and Rice Mill Machinery
Erection and commissioning high capacity Flour Mill Plants
Design and implementation of high volume Cereal Cleaning System
We have the capability to design and manufacture all capacity Flour Mills

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Manufacturing Facility of Zhengzhou Double-lion Grain and Oil Machinery Co.,ltd
Our new manufacturing facility located in the ZHENGZHOU, CHINA , capable of complete range of steel fabrication through a full set of bending, pressing, cutting, drilling, welding, rolling, painting, and profiling equipment work section. We have over 300 highly skilled employees working to ensure high and consistent quality of production. The facility is spread across a floor area of over 24000 sq. ft. and well connected with the national road network.