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Customer Questions From India-About Stone Mill for Wheat Flour

(1)Flour - coarse vs fine - is there a setting in the machine to change the fineness of the flour? Is it easy enough to change? 

Yes, there is one sieve (with drum shape ) which can separate the coarse and fine flour .
We can change the finess of flour via change the sieve with bigger or smaller holes , easy to change.
stone mill for wheat
(2) Stone - I would need some more information. You mentioned it is sandstone - but is it natural sandstone or factory-processed sandstone?
 Also, during milling some sandstone powder gets mixed with flour - how do you deal with this situation?

It's totally natural stone and then just make it into round shape.
About the sandstone powder ,we can't say 100% no powder mixed with flour . But it's sill within the safety food range, please do not worry about this .
Even the roller mill will produce metal powder coming with the flour, but the quantity is very very small, we can ignore that .

(3) Also, after how many tons of milling will the stone need dressing? Is dressing easy and can be done by an Indian engineer? Will you be providing a manual/video on how to dress the stone?

Around after 150 T ,the stone need dressing .

The dressing is very easy to operate by any Indian worker, you can use any hand-held cutting machine to do that 

Here no need any manual or video, just dress it on the " original groove"  and make sure the depth is around 1-2 mm.

(4)Capacity: you mentioned the capacity as 50-70 KG/hour. What is the size/diameter of the stone? 1 meter?

Yes , the diameter of the stone is 1 Meter.

(5)Speed - you confirmed that the rpm is 24. Can the rpm be changed by us? If yes, what is the range of rpm that is possible on your machine? I have been advised that wheat flour that is milled at 40-60 rpm is the best. I think if we increase the rpm, the capacity will also increase. 

Yes, as our engineer said , the best speed is 25 RPM.  we can changed via change the adjust the distance between belt wheels below the stone.

We can make the speed as 40--60 RPM, and also the capacity will also increase.

But after that, the working temperature will get higher and it will weaken the advantage of the stone four mill which is featured with low temperature flour making process and keeping the original taste of the wheat.

(6)Other products: can it be used to mill other non-oil seeds/products like corn, green tea/matcha etc? Please provide information based on real experience.

yes, it can mill other non-oil seeds for corn ,green tea /matcha .
We have some domestic customer use the stone mill to grind corn ,buckwheat.

(7)Once an order is placed, how soon can you ship? 

Once order is placed , we can deliver the machine within 7 days