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Efficient Pre-cleaning Machine for Thailand Customer

Pre-cleaning process decreases the maintenance requirements of the machines but also gives high quality of cleaning products. Drum sieve efficient at removing over and under-size impurities such as pieces of wood, stone etc.. from product. This makes it necessary to have drum sieve machine in input section of seeds storage and transfer facilities or in processing lines . Different drum screens sizes available(can be customized according to need).
 drum sieve cleaning machine for maize

Why Choose Double-lion Drum Sieve Machine?

All movable components are enclosed and this provides effective protection to operating personnel. Confidential pre-cleaning process with the drum sieving machine avoids damages to downstream processing machinery. This improves the operational dependability of the entire production plant.
The use of high quality components makes the machine highly resistant to wearing down. So that decreases maintenance requirements and increases the machine‘s service life.

double-lion machinery drum sieve double-lion machinery drum sieve

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The overhanging screening drum gives quick and easy replacement of screen. Enclosed design of the machine and the aspiration vent ensures that area around the machine also remains clean at all times.