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India 40T/D Complete set of Flour Mill Plant

In China's new year arrival, our friend from India come to our company for the 40T/D flour milling plant. If you also need flour milling equipment, please contact us at any time, we will provide professional services from evaluation, production line design, project management to project installation and personnel training, etc.
India 40T/D Complete set of Flour Mill Plant
Flour Mill Processing
1.Cleaning system
Includes beating, screening, destoner, magnetic selecting and dampening . Different capacity machine line has different number of beat, screen and destoner. Through the cleaning system, the material can meet the milling standard, for it is not only clean but its moisture content is suitable for milling.

2.Milling system
Include different number of mill and sifter to mill the grain and separate the flour and bran
(1) Mill: Mill the grain to break the integrity by the roller moving
(2) Sifter: To separate the flour and bran, also separate large size and small size to enssure flour quality.

3.Packing system
The packing part can be manual one also can be auto one, this can be designed according to requirement and machine capacity.    

India 40T/D Complete set of Flour Mill Plant

This Flour Mill Plant Features 
1.Advanced milling technology support, customized design and a high degree of automation.
2.Dust-free design, low power consumption and easy operation.
3.Turnkey project 40T/D complete flour mill plant.
4.Streamlined design, reasonable layout, beautiful performance. It can be installed on a steel frame structure or in a building structure.
5.Advanced technical process and flexible adjustment. It can produce grade flour and special flour etc.
6.Perfect after-sales service. 

Technical Parameters
Model 6FTS-40
Capacity (T/24h) 40
Milling Techniques and
main machines
4 break, 3 reduction and 1 bran brushing,(8-6F22 roller mill, 2-83 double section square sifter,4-45 grading sifter,1-bran brusher
Cleaning Techniques 1 sifting-1 scouring-1 destoning-1 magnetic separating-1 washing Or 1 sifting-2 scouring-1 destoning-1 magnetic separating-1 washing-1 air separating
Products and extraction rate (%) Standard flour: ≥80% Grade 2 flour: ≥76%
Power required (kW) Around 97
Size of workshop: (L×W×H, m) 20×7×4.2
What we can do for you?
We do the turnkey project: your requirements------we design-------production------inspect the goods------loading & shipping-----installation--------test & training--------after sale services.

What Technology Does This Flour Mill Plant Adopt?
It adopts screen outside classification, twice middling extraction to composed of processing technology, the process fully consider the effect of wheat bran & graded flour separation to ensure the integrity of bran, the best result of increase purity of core and improve quality of graded flour, and ensure produce more flour and good flour.

Packaging & Shipping
1.We will pack the flour mill plant by the protect film inner, water-repellent plastic outside.
2.The wood packing is necessary if send by less than a container.
3.The flour mill plant will fixed by steel rope in the container. Make sure it is in good condition when arrived destination.
 india flour mill plant
After-sale service
1.We provide complete installation and operation manual in English for all the machines supplied by us.
2.You can also call us as follows:
(1) Calling us to get telephonic advice.
(2)Sending email to us to get the solution by mail .
(3) Chatting live with us to get online help.
(4)Inviting our technician to visit customers place for solving.